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MJK Open Channel Flow Meter

 allpronix-mjk-713 The MJK Flow Converter  is designed for measuring and recording water flow in open ducts and channels. The MJK Flow Converter is a complete instrument for the measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of accumulated water flow. It can be adapted to any type of weir or flume.

  • Built-in ISO 1438 flow formulas
  • Adapts to any kind of weir or flume
  • Built-in stormflow function
  • Supplied with either ultrasonic or hydrostatic sensor
  • Maximum accuracy with measuring ranges down to 0-10 cm
  • Flow Converter 713 is calibrated from the front panel
  • Security access code can be programmed
  • Built-in totalizer with counter
  • Indication of average flow (m3/hour) actual, the last hour, today, the last 24 hours
  • Indication of accumulated flow (m3) actual, the last hour, today, the last day
  • Alarm can be set for high and low flow, and excess of 1- and 24-hour volumes
  • Preprogrammed formulas for different dimensions of the most common flumes and weirs such as Parshall, Venturi and Palmer Bouwlus flumes and retangular or V-notch weirs based on ISO 1438.
  • When using non-standard flumes or weirs the existing calculation formula can be programmed.
  • For flumes where no calculation formula exists, a number of known Level-flow values can be entered, on the basis of these a point-linearization is made.

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MJK Shuttle Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

 allpronix-mjk-shuttle Use the Shuttle® Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for level measuring in tanks, wells, containers, weirs, flumes, canals, etc.Shuttle® is an advanced microprocessor based ultrasonic level meter with an intelligent, precise measuring system utilizing the latest hardware and software technology.

  • Sensors with 3°, 6° and 7° ultrasonic sound beam angle
  • Simple, logical operation
  • 0.1 to 25 m measuring range
  • 2 output relays for level / system alarm or pump control
  • 4 – 20 mA output with zero and span adjustment
  • Indication of the strength of the echo signal with a bar graph
  • Very narrow ultrasonic sound signal gives great signal strength and minimum sensitivity to foam and sludge on the surface of the liquid
  • Easy to read LCD-display for both setup and indication. Actual level is indicated with both a bar graph and reading of millimeters, centimeter’s, meters, feet and inches. The digital readout can be chosen as either relative level or absolute level
  • 10 – 30 V DC or 230 / 115 V AC supply
  • FM approved sensors for explosion hazard areas

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