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Allpronix are now Level 2 B-BBEE Certified

Allpronix is proud to announce the achievement of Level 2 B-BBEE contributor certification. B-BBEE is a key requirement for the promotion of sustainable economic growth.

As a proudly South African supplier, Allpronix complies with regulatory procurement requirements which allows customers to claim points towards their procurement targets. As a result, Allpronix are able to assist companies who tender for large organizations and government projects.

As a Level 2 certified contributor, Allpronix can be of ever increasing value to clients, who can obtain more value out of procurement spend when making use of our services and product offerings.

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Rio Olympics green pool

Olympic-Green-PoolBy now many of you will have seen images of the green diving pool at the Rio Olympics, but what made the water turn from crystal blue to murky green?

Nobody knows for sure but it seems likely that the Rio Olympics pool maintenance team ran out of chemicals to control the pH of the water which resulted in an algal bloom turning the pool green. To prevent the same happening in the water polo pool, the maintenance team have dosed high levels of chlorine into the pool, which is now causing issues for the water polo teams.

The incident would have been prevented with the use of an online controller such as Pi’s AquaSense swimming pool controller. Plus if the chemicals had ran out, such a system would have gone into alarm and enabled the maintenance team to prevent this from happening.

Pi’s AquaSense measures pool pH and chlorine levels and controls these with chemical dosing. The AquaSense can also be accessed remotely over the internet, enabling data, alarms and setup information to be sent directly to your computer via a 2G/3G modem or via a TCP/IP Local Area Network (LAN). Maybe the Rio Olympics pool maintenance team should have purchased a Pi analyser?

For more information on Pi’s AquaSense controller, please click here. To discuss an application in more detail, feel free to give us a call.

ACS Thermocont® TS4: New Design

ACS_ThermocontACS Control System releases a new temperature sensor, the Thermocont TS4.

Advantages of the Thermocont® TS4:

  • Thermocont® TS4S for general applications in: Machinery and plant engineering,
    Air-conditioning and refrigeration plant engineering, Hydraulic and
    pneumatic systems, Process industry, Environmental technology
  • Thermocont® TS4L for hygienic and aseptic applications in: Food and beverage industry,
    Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, Sterile process engineering
  • Long term stable temperature sensor platinum Pt100 class A – DIN EN60751
  • Increased process safety and cost saving by self-supervising measuring system 
  • High accuracy – characteristic deviation ≤ 0,5% of measuring range
  • Wide variety of hygienic and aseptic process connections
  • Integrated evaluation electronic: Digital display, function LED’s, keyboard /
    2x PNP switch output / 1x current output 4…20mA / Connector plug M12
  • 3-key operation without additional assistance with tactile feedback
  • Wide process temperature range –99,9°C to +500°C
  • High process pressure tightness up to 50 bar
  • High protection class IP65 / IP67
  • Wide environmental temperature range –40°C to +85°C
  • High operating comfort: enclosure and display rotatable for
    optimal operability in each installation position
  • Robust high brightness LED display for best readability

For more information contact our sales team at sales@allpronix.com or 011 795 9500

Dual pressure and temperature transmitter for low power systems

AST46PT multi-variable pressureA multi-variable transmitter from American Sensor Technologies provides both pressure and temperature outputs from a single process point. In addition to simplifying control systems, the Model AST46PT explosion proof pressure/temperature transmitter offers a superior pressure reading along with a temperature sensor output for less than the cost of a stand-alone temperature sensor. Ideal for low-power systems…

read the full article on SA I&C Magazine’s website

Allpronix AL40/100 Laser goes global

The Allpronix AL40/100 Laser Level Transmitter goes global this year!

The two Laser level/distance transmitter models (the AL40 and the AL100) has been developed in South Africa and will be manufactured locally and exported by Allpronix.  As the model names indicate, the AL40 has a maximum range of 40 meters while the AL100 has a maximum range of 100 meters.New AL40 Laser_small

The AL40/100 is a non-contact level and distance measuring instrument designed for granular materials an opaque liquids.  The narrow beam of a laser allow direct aiming at the target material without interference from structures or falling material.

This instrument is the first of its kind to have an on-board LCD screen and a programming keypad.  The programmed and commissioning is easily achieved by using keypad (show on the right) to scroll through the simple but effective menu options.  The menu is password protected.

The lasers have a resolution of 0.01m and is accurate up to 0.1% of full scale.  It also has two separate relays (each with a normally open and normally closed contact) of which the set and reset points can be adjusted according to the installation requirements.

The AL40/100 has been CE certified and can be supplied in different colours (shown below):

AL40_100_OEM colours

To find out more about the AL40/100 technical specifications click on one of the following links

Or contact our sales team:


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SAIMC National Patron



Allpronix is proud to be a National Patron member of the SAIMC and contributor to local Control and Instrumentation industry – together with all the other National Patron companies shown below.

SAIMC National Patron

Laser level transmitter – CE compliant

We are proud to announce that we have achieved CE compliance for our AL40/60/100 laser level transmitter.

Read more on the specifications of the locally developed and manufactured AL40/60/100 laser, please go to our level page

AL40/60/100 CE compliance