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Allpronix AL40/100 Laser goes global

The Allpronix AL40/100 Laser Level Transmitter goes global this year!

The two Laser level/distance transmitter models (the AL40 and the AL100) has been developed in South Africa and will be manufactured locally and exported by Allpronix.  As the model names indicate, the AL40 has a maximum range of 40 meters while the AL100 has a maximum range of 100 meters.New AL40 Laser_small

The AL40/100 is a non-contact level and distance measuring instrument designed for granular materials an opaque liquids.  The narrow beam of a laser allow direct aiming at the target material without interference from structures or falling material.

This instrument is the first of its kind to have an on-board LCD screen and a programming keypad.  The programmed and commissioning is easily achieved by using keypad (show on the right) to scroll through the simple but effective menu options.  The menu is password protected.

The lasers have a resolution of 0.01m and is accurate up to 0.1% of full scale.  It also has two separate relays (each with a normally open and normally closed contact) of which the set and reset points can be adjusted according to the installation requirements.

The AL40/100 has been CE certified and can be supplied in different colours (shown below):

AL40_100_OEM colours

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